Honey as Pollen Allergies Home Remedy

I get sneezing fits or hay fever during spring season and many drugs do not work or feels worse than not taking them. So I decided to try out the common belief of getting my body acclimatized by taking honey.

Basically there has been few studies done about using honey as pollen allergies homeophatic remedy. And the few that do conclude that it doesn’t work. I however, do want to try it out myself. Simple logic being it might not relieve 100% of the symptoms but if it just reduce the amount of hay fever or sneezing fits that happen, I would conclude that its partly useful for me.

This article for me explain it quite well http://www.pioneerthinking.com/to_honey2009.html. Allergies are an overreaction of body system. Its not exactly a bad thing. So as long as the symptoms are not crippling, I am actually fine with dealing with them.

So as many has suggested, I start drinking honey couple of weeks before the season starts. I try to get honey manufactured at least in the region, and I put honey as replacement for sugar in my drinks. I also drink a honey water mixture first thing in the morning.

As for the result, I still have running nose and itching eyes. But so far the sneezing fits are few and not as bad. No hay fever, swollen eyes. So as far as I am concerned it works!

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