Natural Low Cost Cures for Cold and Allergy Symptoms

Popping pills to control cold and allergy symptoms can be a drain on your wallet and can cause unwelcome side effects such as drowsiness. Instead of reaching for pills, look into your kitchen cabinets for some natural, effective, low cost options to control your cold and allergy symptoms.

Natural Low Cost Sore Throat Remedies

One of the more common causes of sore throats is an accumulation of bacteria in the throat from sinus drainage caused by allergies or a cold. To kill the bacteria and find hours of relief, reach for apple cider vinegar. Create a mixture of 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% water. Gargle this mixture allowing a little to drain down your throat and repeat as often as necessary for a natural remedy for your cold and allergy related sore throat.

Natural Low Cost Cough Remedies

For a cough caused by a cold or allergies, mix the juice of ½ a lemon with a hint of honey in water. Drink as often as needed to calm and sooth a cough. The acid in the lemon acts as an antibacterial agent while the honey is a germicide that helps to coat and soothe an irritated throat.

Natural Low Cost Headache Remedies

When you want some relief from a headache, boil some sliced ginger in water to make a tea. Drink at least one cup of tea, and the ginger will help reduce the swollen capillaries in the brain and relax the blood vessels. The ginger also activates natural pain relieving chemicals in your brain and helps to reverse the cold and allergy symptoms.

Natural Low Cost Upset Stomach Remedies

For an upset stomach due to a cold or allergies, the typical culprit is sinus drainage into the digestive system. Relief can be found in a cup of ginger tea. The ginger tea helps to calm a queasy stomach and aids in the elimination of the excess drainage.

Natural Low Cost Fever Remedies

While a low-grade fever is the body’s natural way of fighting off sickness, the effects of a fever can be unpleasant. To naturally lower the body’s temperature and reduce any harmful effect on the brain, soak two small towels in a mixture of warm water and vinegar. Wrap these towels around your feet and lower leg. These towels help to naturally draw the fever away from the head to the lower part of the body and eventually lower the overall body temperature.

So, next time you are feeling the effects from a cold or allergies, reach into your kitchen cupboard for some safe, yet cost effective treatment options.

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