Review: Walgreen’s Children’s Wal-Dryl Allergy Medicine

My youngest daughter not only looks like me, she inherited a few other things from me as well. This includes my seasonal allergies.

For the most part, they haven’t been too terrible for her. But, recently, with the weather constantly changing (it’s been cold and rainy one day and extremely hot and sunny the next), they have been pretty bad and, when she isn’t sneezing, she’s walking around with a runny nose.

During the day, this isn’t a big deal because they still aren’t to the point where they bother her while she’s playing (though we do go through a lot of tissues). But, at night, they do keep her from sleeping. This is why we started giving her Walgreen’s Children’s Wal-Dryl Allergy Medicine.

We actually purchased this product for her a couple months ago, when she had a slight cold. Because of her age, there are very few medicines she can take and our doctor recommended Benadryl. However, there must have been a big demand for that particular medicine because it was sold out (at least at the two stores that weren’t a couple miles away) and we ended up settling for this medicine instead.

We never did use it when she was sick with that cold (the vaporizer was more than enough to help her through it. But, this problem was bad enough at night where we decided to give it a try.

I have been nothing but impressed since.

First of all, this medicine works. This is obviously the most important thing, which is why I’m mentioning it first. We only have to give her one dose of this at night and it keeps her runny nose and sneezing under control just enough to help her sleep. And, unlike some other medicines I know are out there; she doesn’t wake up groggy the next morning.

Another thing I like about this medicine is it doesn’t upset her stomach. This is important to me because we have had other (prescription) medicines for her in the past that did and that was almost as bad as the symptoms the medicine was supposed to be treating.

One of my other concerns when I purchased this product was whether or not she would like it. She’s a pretty stubborn little child at times and, if she doesn’t like the taste of the medicine, she simply will not take it. But, we have had no problems getting her to take this one.

If you are a parent who has a child with allergies, I recommend looking for this product instead of Benadryl. Not only is it cheaper, it works just as well and maybe even better.

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