Sinus Proof Your Home

Are you the spouse of someone who suffers from sinus allergies? Problems with sinuses are troubling for the sinus sufferer and the one who has to live with them. The sinus sufferer may be tried, stuffed up, sneezing, and wheezing, which can prevent everyone from getting the rest that they need. You may ask is their some way that I can help my mate who suffers with sinus? Actually there is and it doesn’t consist of you constantly nagging them too take allergy medication. The two of you can work together to allergy-proof your home. The way you allergy -proof your home is to identify the triggers present in your home that may initiate sinus activity in your mate and work to remove them.

Allergy proofing a home consist of more than vacuuming on a regular basis. Incorporate these strategies to help in making your home allergy free:

Declutter your possessions. Examine the items that you have an determine what you really need and what should be thrown or given away. If your home is full of stuff dust and dirt will have multiple places to hide and opportunity too cause irritation.

If you have beautiful hardwood floors under that carpet, show them off. Surfaces that you can mop and clean are easier to maintain as dust-free than carpet.

You will want to use zippered bedding covers. The mattress and all pillows (especially those made of feathers) should be zipped up and covered. Pillows that contain feathers will attract dust mites and trigger issues for your mate.

Purchase a fan-based purifier and place it in the most lived in areas of your home to trap and collect dirt before it settles on furnishings.

When cleaning up it is best to use micro-fiber cloths or an electrostatic duster, they pick up better instead of simply redistributing dust around the room.

It is also a good idea to limit the number of indoor living plants because soil promotes the growth of mold.

Limit or eliminate all together the amount of scented products and perfumes/colognes you use within the home. People with sinus are hypersensitive to the smell of highly scented products. Most manufacture’s provide a non-scented option. Cologne/perfume use may have to be limited too outside of the home.

Of coarse this list is not all inclusive, but it is a start to providing a healthy environment that your mate will not have to suffer as much with allergy sinus triggers, and both of you can get some much needed rest.

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