Product Review: the Candle Breeze

I am a candle lover who has enjoyed scented candles for years. I recently had to give up my passion because I discovered that candles were a contributing factor to my daughter’s allergies.

Looking for a compromise, I tried many scented products on the market. Diffusers were “ok” for small rooms such as bathrooms, but could not scent a large room.

Store products just didn’t last very long.

I found that wickless candles and scented wax tarts were only effective if you were within very close proximity.

Then I discovered the Candle Breeze.

The Candle Breeze is candle warmer unlike any other I’ve seen. It has a self-contained fan that distributes the scent into the air.

The manufacturer claimed their product would “fill your home with aroma in minutes”. I decided to put that claim to test and purchased a small unit.

When I received my Candle Breeze, it was well packaged and fully intact when I opened it. I found the included wickless candle to be an added bonus.

The unit was very simple to use. I decided to place my Candle Breeze on the kitchen counter. I uncapped the wickless candle, set it on the base and placed the chimney on top. I plugged in the unit and within 10 minutes it was already working. Within 20 minutes, both my kitchen and living room were filled with the scent of cinnamon candy.

Having a curious six year old at home, I decided to do some testing of my own from a child’s perspective. After running the Candle Breeze for 2 hours, I touched the base. It was cool to the touch. This made me feel very comfortable using this product with children in the home.

The manufacturer also claimed that the wax will not burn, that you can stick your finger in it like a paraffin wax bath. To test this claim, I did exactly that. I dipped my finger into the melted wax. It was very warm, but their claim was true. I did not burn my finger as I have in the past with liquefied candle wax. Please note that the manufacturer does not recommend touching the melted wax in order to prevent spillage into the Candle Breeze unit.

The company offers wickless candles in 28 scents and claims that each candle has a use time of 30 to 60 hours. I have been using my Candle Breeze for 9 months now and have been rotating between 6 different scents. My Candle Breeze runs approximately 3 times a week for 2 to 4 hours at a time. I am still getting scent out of the original wickless candle that came with the unit!

Best of all, after 9 months of use, my daughter has not been adversely affected by it as she was with candle burning. She has not experienced any sneezing or itchy, watery eyes. She used to ask me to blow out the candles because they “hurt” her. Now she asks me to turn on the Candle Breeze and even has her own favorite scents!

I did have one mishap with my unit. One of the wickless candle spill guards was not properly attached and wax leaked into my unit, causing the fan to stop working. I wrote to the manufacturer. They were very helpful and said that I could return the unit and they would clean it out for me, or I could do it myself using a hair dryer. I followed their instruction to clean it myself and my Candle Breeze has worked great ever since.

Overall, I am very pleased with my Candle Breeze and continue to recommend it to family and friends. I even recommended it to my day care center one day when they were complaining about odor control in the infant room. (They loved it!)

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a safer alternative to scented candles.

If you would like more information about this product including where to purchase it, I recommend the following site:

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