Save Money by Using Generic Allergy Medicine

Allergies can make you miserable, especially when you don’t use any allergy medicine. That said, with the cost of medication being what it is-sometimes two or three dollars per pill-how can you afford to buy it? The answer is simple: buy generic allergy medicine. People often have a fear of generic products, seeing them as inferior to name-brand products. This fear is usually unfounded however, and generic allergy medicine is no exception. This article will clear up some issues regarding generic allergy medicine and tell you why it’s a good idea to use it.

Why is Generic Allergy Medicine Cheaper than Name-Brand Medicine?

Pharmaceutical companies must go through a great deal of research and testing before they are able to put a new drug on the market. This is a very expensive process. After developing a new drug, the pharmaceutical companies must charge rates that not only allow them to make back the money they put into research, but also to make a profit. Allergy medicine is therefore-like most medicine-relatively expensive. Generic allergy medicine can be produced without much expense, as little to no research goes into its creation-the research has already been done by the pharmaceutical companies. It is for this reason that generic allergy medicine is less expensive than name-brand allergy medicine; this is not an indicator that generic allergy medicine is of poor quality.

Is Generic Allergy Medicine as Effective as Name-Brand Medicine?

Generic allergy medicine is absolutely as effective as name-brand medicine. This is because the two allergy medicines are actually made with the same active ingredients. If you examine name-brand and generic allergy medicine together, you will see this. The dosage and active ingredients are almost always identical. The only time they differ is when a compound is currently patented, and even then the difference is usually an inactive ingredient in the compound.

How Much Cheaper is Generic Allergy Medicine?

Generic allergy medicine is usually less than one-fourth the cost of name-brand allergy medicine. If the generic allergy medicine is a prescription drug, the savings are often even greater. Many pharmacies offer one-month supplies of generic medications for under ten dollars, while their name-brand counterparts may run close to $100.

Generic allergy medicine is for many reasons a better choice than name-brand allergy medicine. It is just as effective at providing allergy relief, and it is a small fraction of the cost. Rather than suffering through your allergies or spending hundreds of dollars a year on allergy medicine, be sure to give generic allergy medicine a try-you won’t be disappointed.

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