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Causes and Treatments for Food Allergies

If you are experiencing food allergies but are not really sure what may be causing the allergic reaction or a way to treat it, here are some suggestions. But please remember to always visit your doctor when you exhibit any food allergy symptoms.

Food allergy is caused when the immune system thinks that proteins in certain foods are harmful like it would bacteria. The immune system’s reaction is to release toxins to destroy the proteins but end up giving us an allergic reaction.

Food allergies are actually very rare, about 1 or 2 people have them in a hundred in adults, but is about 10% of children. While it is uncommon, food allergies are real and sometimes can be very harmful.

Some of the most common foods that might cause an allergic reaction are nuts, shellfish, fish, wheat and dairy. There may be other foods that might cause an allergic reaction but these are the most common ones. So this means, making sure when you buy food products that nothing in the food you are buying contains whichever of these items you may be allergic to, even in the smallest amount. You will also need to make sure when you go out to eat that you inform your waiter or chef of your food allergy so they do not inadvertently cook anything you may be allergic to.

So how should you manage your food allergy? Your first thing to do is to visit your regular doctor. They will be able to refer you to an allergy specialist who can make a correct diagnosis. Once the diagnosis has been made, you will need to completely stay away from that food. Allergy to fish and peanuts usually persists throughout life.

If there is an indication that the food allergy might have been outgrown, gradually introducing the food back into your diet can be done in a safe setting with your doctor. It will need to be found out whether the food is safe for you in all forms. Most of the time these procedures are done in a hospital where it can be managed if there are any reactions.

Another strong method to manage rampant food allergies is changing your diet completely. High fat, high protein, low carbohydrate diets such as paleo and keto are wonderful for this. Check Tasty Keto for the list of best ketogenic cookbook options to meet your needs.

Any food reaction can be easily managed under the guidance of a qualified physician. A food allergy can oftentimes be scary and annoying for someone with them. Especially if you are a parent of a child with a food allergy. If you do have a child with a food allergy make sure that their school knows of this allergy, so they are not accidentally given the offending food.

This information was found on the Mayo Clinic website and at foodallergy.com.